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Facebook: This page does not have permission to install custom tab

When attempting to publish your campaign to a Facebook Page the following error is displayed in the console:

Publishing error. The experience failed to publish to destination [1], an error occurred adding App [custom] to the FB fan page: (#2069016) This page does not have permission to install custom tab


This error will now occur when you try to publish an experience to a Facebook Page using a whitelabel app and either of these conditions are met:

  • The destination Facebook Page has less than 2000 fans
  • The Facebook app used to published is not whitelisted for use on the page

Technical Details

The details of the API change that came into affect February 7th are detailed here:

What to do

There are two available options.

1. Use a platform system app

  1. Under Publishing, click Publish to another destination.
  2. Select Facebook Page and choose the corresponding Facebook fan page you wish to publish to (Click Select).
  3. On the application select screen below alternative apps, change the filter to System to display the built-in platform Facebook apps.
  4. Click select an appropriate app, then add a custom tab page title. Once complete, click Next and Publish.

2. Add the publisher's Facebook account as an Administrator to your whitelabel app

  1. As an admin for the whitelabel app you wish to use, visit: https://developers.facebook.com/
  2. Select the correct app and open the Roles area.
  3. Under Administrators, add the Facebook user account of the person who will be publishing the experience.
  4. Once added, they should be able to publish using the whitelabel app.