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Understanding: Social & Embeddable Stories

We are introducing interactive mobile-first experiences that enable brands and advertisers to extend the value of paid media on different channels and bring interactivity to the forefront of editorial content.

Content-led interactive experiences optimized for smaller screens

The Social Story and Embeddable Story experiences are an important addition to the family of nearly 50 interactive experiences in the Cheetah Experiences Library, which will allow marketers to create seamless brand stories that can be embedded into a larger experience such as a blog post and article, or directly accessed from social media channels.

The Social Story and Embeddable Story experiences are immersive, animated slide or scroll-based experiences optimized for smaller screens and spaces.

We’re introducing a new screen designer to streamline the creation process. Just select one of our mobile-first themes, use drag and drop to add your branded content and build out your story. Select from captivating design options to showcase your content and bring the experience to life by including beautiful images and video. Finish your story with compelling CTA that directly supports the next action you'd like your audience to take to see the results.

The Social Story

The Social Story experience allows you to create seamless experiences that can be used on a number of social networks including Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Enhance Instagram or Snapchat stories with compelling 'swipe up' experiences, or simply link from a social post to a lightweight, lightning-fast experience that's just one tap away.


The Embeddable Story

The Embeddable Story experience allows you to create slide-based experiences that can be embedded into editorial articles, landing pages, and websites to help you captivate your audience.