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How to: Setup a Photo Contest experience

This article will guide you through the basic steps on how to set up a photo contest. 

What to do

  1. Navigate to the Experience Library and visit the Contest tab. 
  2. You will be displayed with the full list of contest templates that are available to you. Select Photo Contest and then click Create.
  3. The campaign wizard will walk you through the set-up. Name your campaign and select Next.
  4. Choose the voting phase. 


    • Jury - The designated jury pick the winners 
    • Public Vote - The public votes the winner(s) by popular vote 
    • Jury Then Public Vote - The designated jury picks the finalist from the entries then the public votes for the winner 
    • Public Vote Then Jury - The public votes for the finalists by the popular and the jury decides the winners from the finalists
  5. Choose how often users can enter. This can be amended later on in the Entry area of the campaign if you wish.
  6. Choose your Theme which determines the styling of your campaign. This can be amended later on in the Design area of the campaign if you wish.
  7. You have the option to choose additional campaign pages.
    Important note on adding pages:
    If you add pages now or at a later point, you will not be able to make any further changes to the Contest Type.

    Countdown and Curtain Pages:
    A Countdown and/or Curtain page can be scheduled if you wish to kick off/close a campaign out of office hours. These can also be utilized if you wish to build some buzz on the page before going live or give a message at the end of the campaign without expiring it. 
  8. You can choose to schedule the launch timing here, or simply click choose later.
  9. If you're happy with the options you've selected, choose to Create and the platform will build out the experience for you.

Once complete, you should be ready to work on building out your contest where you can start editing and modifying the following:

Setting up voting

Before being able to publish you will need to ensure that the configuration of your contest is setup with the correct voting configuration. Which is covered here in this article.

Understanding Contest phases

As a contest moves through the phases defined in the Settings are area, different pages are displayed, consult this article for more information regarding this.