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Introducing: Real-time polls

Polls are one of the most popular experiences in the Cheetah Experiences Platform. A poll question can be added to any experience type and it is a great interactive element that helps marketers understand the consumer preferences, gather useful feedback, allow audiences to express their opinion and provide entertainment. In this release, we're introducing a new interactive poll: the real-time poll.

Real-time polls can be added to any micro-experience and provide immediate feedback as users make their selection. The results are calculated in real-time and can be displayed as a count or percentage. We have also revisited the look & feel of polls and have come up with a range of design options that will make your experiences both beautiful and fun to interact with.

The release

Real-time polls in nextgen (micro) experiences.

NextGen experiences are interactive, mobile-first, slide or scroll-based experiences that can be published in social media stories, ad networks, and as embedded experiences on your website. These experiences harness lightning-fast load times, elegant animations and natural gesture behavior to vastly enhance the user experience. With this release, we are introducing real-time polls that make micro-experiences even more interactive: 

  • Two default design options - horizontal & vertical polling 
  • The ability to show count or percentage 
  • Animated real-time results with answer-specific imagery
  • Auto-advance to the next question with variable timing
  • Quick and easy set up 

Example Horizontal Poll

Horizontal layout real-time polls

Example Vertical Poll

Vertical layout real-time polls

How it works

Navigate to the Experience Library and select NextGen Experiences. You can select any NextGen Experience, but the real-time poll app will have an example real-time poll module preset for you. 

  1. Create a NextGen Experience 
  2. Navigate to the "Build" section and edit the landing page 
  3. Select the real-time poll module from the Content modules on the left-hand side
  4. Drag & drop the module to the Content or Form Section 
  5. Hover over the module in the preview panel and click "Edit" 
  6. In the Content section, you can define your poll question, add any other relevant copy and imagery, as well as define your answer options (text or image-based) 
  7. In the Design section, you can style your poll by choosing a layout, alignment, slide transition speed and more 
  8. Voilà! You can now start collecting valuable zero-party data information.

Using polls to collect anonymous votes

If you place a real-time poll in the "Content" section of your experience, the poll will be only used as an interactive element and will collect only aggregate votes. A user's specific answer will not be collected and stored as part of their entry. You will see a little warning in the module informing you about this logic.

If you wish to collect this information as part of a user's entry, place the real-time poll in the "Form" section of your experience.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will be happy to help and run you through the options available.