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How to: Authorise / Re-authorise an Instagram feed

Before you begin

Due to recent Instagram API changes, users are required to perform additional authentication steps to activate a feed. Please see this article about ensuring that your Instagram business account is correctly setup.

What to do

  1. Navigate to the Content tab. 
  2. Open the Collection and switch to Feeds section (Screen_Shot_2018-04-05_at_11.02.36.png)
  3. Click on the settings icon c to edit the Instagram feed settings.
  4. In top right-hand corner click on k Re-authorise.


  5. You will be prompted to Continue as <Your Name>  if you are already logged into Facebook. Click Continue as... If it's not, you can click Log in to another account to login to the correct account (This must be a Facebook user account added to a Fanpage that has been linked to an Instagram Business account, see this article for a guide on that process).


  6. Now select the box next to the Fanpage from the list you wish to grant the Wayin app access to, this is required for us to access the Instagram business account connected to it, click Next.


  7. When asked What is Wayin allowed to do?, ensure Manage your pages is enabled (Shown as Yes), click Next.


    Declining access will not allow you to authorise your feed.
  8. When complete, you should be shown You've now linked Wayin to Facebook, click OK.
  9. This should take you back to your Feed settings, from here you can now select an Instagram Business account, as you can see here:

  10. Once you've selected your Instagram Business account, you can then test it with Preview (top-right), if content appears, everything should be fine to save, go ahead and click Save to commit the changes.

Content should now be collected regularly based on your search settings and will be able to curate in the collection moderation area.