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How-to: Authorise an Instagram Account Feed

Due to recent Instagram API changes, users are required to authorise Instagram Account Feeds with their social account credentials. This will allow us to perform searches and acquire content that we would otherwise not be able to obtain. This article is a step-by-step guide that will help you understand how to authorise Instagram Account Feeds.

What to do

  1. Navigate to the Content tab in Wayin Experience Platform. 
  2. Select Collection where your Instagram Account Feed has been set up. 
  3. Click on the feed icon Screen_Shot_2018-04-05_at_11.02.36.pngto start editing your feeds. 
  4. Select your Instagram Account Feed and click on the Settings icon c to show the feed editor.
  5. In top right-hand corner click on k Re-authorise feed. 
  6. You will be prompted to login to Instagram with your brand login credentials if you are not logged in to Instagram on your computer. If you are logged in, we will automatically authorise the feed with the account you are logged in to, so please make sure to double check which account you are logged in to via www.instagram.com.
  7. Once your re-authorisation is successfully completed, click y Save to confirm your changes.