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How to: Publish Micro Experiences into Campaign Manager (DoubleClick) and ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishers)

You may have heard that we have recently introduced a completely new format of lightweight, IAB compliant experiences that are optimized for use within advertising unit displays. We have further enhanced our workspace to make it easier to build ad unit optimized interactive experience (read more here) and introduced native publishing integration with Campaign Manager (DoubleClick) and Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishers). 

This article will help you understand how to add Experience Embed Code into Campaign Manager (DoubleClick).


First, navigate to the Publish tab in the menu on the left-hand side in the experience you want to publish.

  1. Approve your experience (you will have to have sufficient user rights to perform this action)
  2. Select + Publish to a new destination and select ad unit
  3. For an ad unit, select a fixed size or flexible size.
  4. Once your experience is published, click on edit to update the width and height if necessary. By default, the experience will have Google Campaign Manager selected as an ad exchange, you can also select whether you want to include macros or not. 
  5. Copy the embed code at the bottom of your page when you are ready to add to DoubleClick Campaign Manager


Adding your embed into Google Campaign Manager

Your Cheetah experience is an interactive creative and therefore considered Rich Media, it is a replacement of what would traditionally be an image asset or maybe a video. Let's look at how you set up your creative.

  1. Log into DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  2. Go to Advertisers
  3. Create a new Advertiser or click into an existing one
  4. Set up your Advertiser as you normally would
  5. Go to the Creatives tab
  6. Click on New and select Custom Display


  7. Select the dimensions you want your ad unit to be
  8. In the HTML field, paste the embed you copied from the Experience platform
  9. You can preview your ad unit at the top of the page
  10. When you are done, click Save