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Introducing: Micro Experiences with Data Capture

Audience: All Customers
Timing: June 2019

A completely new format of mobile-first experiences with enhanced design options, animations, and gesture controls, created to collect personal data in GDPR compliant way.

Mobile-first experiences with forms

Cheetah Experiences has recently introduced interactive, mobile-first, slide or scroll-based experiences, specifically optimized to be published in social media stories and ad networks - Social and Embeddable Stories. These experiences are harnessing lightning-fast load times, elegant animations and natural gesture behavior to vastly enhance the current user experience.

In this release, we are presenting additional advanced capabilities that will allow marketers to collect personal data and incentivize engagement. The forms have been designed for frictionless completion on mobile, featuring either slide- or scroll-based form fields. In this first iteration, we will be releasing a drag & drop form editor with the most essential data capture fields such as name, email address, radio choice, brand opt-in, agreement with T&Cs and more. It is up to the marketers whether they want to use the swipe up from their social story or allow fans to interact with the embedded experience to drive newsletter sign-ups or maybe offer a chance to win a prize or two.

Social Story Giveaway

Optimized for conversion on social, this fast-loading mobile-first experience offers your customers a chance to win a prize in return for some of their details submitted via a scroll-based entry form. With new themes and enhanced touch controls, this giveaway is well-suited for delivery through social channels. Invite your fans to swipe up to win, and easily collect personal data.


Embeddable Giveaway

Slide-based format of mobile-first experience with high-quality motion design, created to enhance your editorial content with incentivized data capture. This embeddable experience can be easily optimized to perfectly fit your publishing destination whether it is an editorial article, landing page, website or an ad unit. With enhanced design controls and animations, you will turn impersonal forms into entertaining user experiences people will enjoy.


Micro Sign Up

This experiences will give your fans an opportunity to register their interest in an event, sign up to your brands newsletter, and everything else in-between while enjoying an experience with enhanced design, animations, and mobile gesture controls. As always, you can decide whether you want the form fields to be slide or scroll-based and if to deliver it through social networks or embed in webpages and ad units.


Ready to use it?

Once available, just head to the Experience Library and you will find all these new experiences under the tab Micro Experiences. There is a step-by-step guide with a short video that can help you get started.