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How to: Download the original quality content images from your collection

This guide uses a freely available browser extension for Chrome called Tab Save, this Chrome extension allows you to paste in a list of URLs to download of them at once, this can save time when you need to download a large set of images.

What to do

Install Tab Save (Chrome Extension)

  1. Visit the Chrome web store and either search for Tab Save or visit the store page directly:
  2. Click Add to Chrome.

Export your collection to CSV

  1. Export your collection to a CSV following this article.
    (Ensure that you select the appropriate filter settings to produce a CSV of all the images you require.)
  2. Once exported, open the CSV file in a spreadsheet application. Select the entire column named Media (excluding the column title) and copy this to the clipboard.
  3. Click on the Tab Save app icon in the Chrome extensions area (top right).
  4. Click Edit in the bottom left hand corner.
  5. Paste in the list of URLs you copied from the exported CSV file, once the list has been copied in, click on the Download icon on the bottom right side to begin downloading the files.

I keep getting prompted for each download?

You will need to make sure that Chrome is not configured to prompt you for each download, open the Chrome settings area then Downloads and disable the option Ask where to save each file before downloading