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Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

Introducing: Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your Cheetah Experiences account. It does this by requiring you to enter a time-limited, one-time passcode that is generated on a secondary device (e.g. your smartphone). Once enabled, it is extremely difficult for a remote attacker to gain access to your account without getting hold of your email/password combination as well as the secondary device used to generate passcodes.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

You'll need an authentication app setup on your smartphone or similar device before you can continue. In the rest of this guide, we will assume you're using Google Authenticator which is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Step 1: Login to the console and head to "My Details" in the top-right avatar menu:

Click through to My Details.

Step 2: If two-factor authentication is not already setup, click the 'Enable' button:

Click Enable

Step 3: Scan the QR code using your authenticator app:

In Google Authenticator, click on the "+" or "add" button and choose "Scan Barcode". Authorize Google Authenticator to use your camera, if prompted, and then point the camera at the barcode shown in the Cheetah Experiences console:

Scan the barcode using your authenticator app.

Step 4: Confirm everything is setup correctly by entering the current passcode:

Google Authenticator will read the barcode and complete its setup. You should see a six-digit code in Google Authenticator for "Cheetah Experiences". Notice that there is a timer indicating for how long the code will be valid. Wait for a new code if the current one is about to expire. Enter the passcode in the "Confirm Code" field and then click "Confirm".

Enter the passcode shown in your authenticator app.

You're all set!

Congratulations! Two-factor authentication is now active. You'll be asked for a passcode the next time you login. Be sure to keep your secondary device with you as you won't be able to access the console without it.

Signing in with Two-Factor Authentication

When you need to login, you'll need to enter your email address, password and a one-time passcode.

Sign in with your email, password and passcode.

Be sure to enter the passcode before the timer in the app runs out. If it does, you'll need to try again. Note that if you get the codes wrong more than 5 times, you'll be locked out of your account and have to recover it before continuing. 

If you lose your secondary device, or have issues logging in once two-factor authentication is enabled, contact our Support team. Note that we will never ask for your password or a one-time passcode. Never provide these to anyone!