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How to: Add NextGen (Micro) Experiences URL into Twitter Card

You may have heard that we have recently introduced a completely new format of immersive, mobile-first experiences that are optimised for use within social stories and apps across variety of social networks. This article will help you understand how to publish and implement NextGen Experiences into Twitter Video Website Card.

Twitter Video Website Card, a new ad format that pairs an autoplay video with a website link, was introduced in october 2017. The ad format is now available to all advertisers around the world through Twitter’s direct sales team and self-serve ad-buying tool for campaigns bought using one of three campaign objectives: video views, website clicks or awareness.


First, navigate to the Publish tab in the menu on the left hand side in the experience you want to publish.

  1. Approve your experience (you will have to have sufficient user rights to perform this action).
  2. Select + Add Destination and choose Twitter story out of 5 available formats.
  3. Following this, the platform wizard will ask you to specify the dates and timings for the campaign’s launch, whether you wish to publish this experience immediately or schedule it to go live at a later date.
  4. All that’s left to do is to confirm you want to Publish the experience, the platform will generate a smart URL to use when promoting it.

Adding smart URL to your Twitter Website Video Card

The Video Website Card features an auto-playing video, a customizable headline, and destination URL paired with a large tap target. Cheetah Micro Experience will open under the auto-playing video on top of the card. Below are steps how to set one up:

  1. Go to Twitter Ads Manager
  2. From the top navigation, select Creatives and Cards


  3. Click on Create Website Video Card and start populating your Card with content:
    • Card Image/Video - select one from Media Library or upload a new asset
    • Headline - short description that will show up below the image, next to the call to action button
    • Website URL - add Cheetah Experiences Smart URL from previously published experience
    • Card Name - give your card a descriptive name. This will help you differentiate between other cards you create and won't be shown to the public.


  4. Now that you've created your Website Card, you'll need to attach it to a tweet within a campaign. You can either choose an  existing campaign or create a new campaign.
  5. Once you've chosen the campaign, you'll need to compose a new tweet. This will serve as the body copy for your Website Card.
  6. Before you submit your tweet, click the Cards icon and select the card you just created to attach it to this tweet. Once selected, your card will appear as a link in your tweet.
  7. All that is left to do is to publish your Tweet.