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How to: Export your collection to a CSV

This article is a quick guide on how to export content from your collection. This process instructs you on how to download a CSV file which includes links to all the UGC/Content in your collection so that you can download them.

If the export does not appear in moderation, you do not have permission to export content and you will need to contact an account Admin.

What to do

  1. From within the main experience dashboard, click Curate And Review to open the Collection moderation screen for that experience.


    You can also access the same Collection moderation screen by moving the Content area (top navigation bar) and clicking on a Collection of your choice to open it.

  2. Use the Filters on the left side to display the content you wish to include in your collection export.


  3. Click on the Export button in the far bottom left corner to download a CSV.
    Please note that we limit collection exports to 50,000 items per day

For more information on how to moderate content in your collection, please visit this article.