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Understanding: Export API


The Cheetah Experiences Export REST API provides a mechanism for retrieving entry data from experiences. It allows you to export entries from a single campaign or across all campaigns at the same time. You may retrieve all entries as a one-off export or specify a time-window so that you can re-run the export on a regular basis (e.g. to support daily retrieval). Finally, you can choose to retrieve a high-level export including only common entry fields or a full export, with all custom or experience specific fields included.

For more information, please download the API Guide below. Currently, the latest version is Export API v5 which also supports the Customer ID parameter as introduced here

Alternate options

We provide 4 options for accessing entry data:

  1. Webhook (Recommended)
    This method of integration is highly recommended, as it allows entries to be pushed to you immediately. You simply need to register your own HTTPS endpoint with Cheetah Experiences, and the platform will push entry data to your endpoint in real-time as users enter, in a JSON format.
  2. Cloud Bucket
    If your system requires batch files, the Cheetah Experiences platform can push an export to a cloud bucket in AWS or Google cloud. The export format is the same as the REST API, and can be pushed daily during the campaign or once when the campaign ends. Please note only secure cloud buckets are supported, scp/sftp/ftp are not supported for security reasons.
  3. Manual Download
    Users can simply navigate to the experience and download a CSV export from the user interface. Please note a user must have PII data exporter privileges due to privacy legislation. The download is provided as a protected zip file with a one time password.
  4. REST API (Export API)
    This document describes the Cheetah Experiences REST API. You will need to obtain your Cheetah Experiences account region and private token from your account manager or