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Troubleshooting: My entries shows different answers to those setup on the form


Users are entering a quiz, but the answers they are selecting are not present in experience export.


When cloning certain modules with answers or selection options on a form the source content from the original module will be present. In the case of a cloned question module, if the Label is updated but the Data value left untouched, the data stored against the user's answer will be incorrect as we we do not store the label value against an answer.

What to do

This will guide you through how to update the Data value on each of your question/selection modules to ensure they correlate with the label.

Note: that this will not change any of the previous answers already captured, only new entries will have the new Data value.

  1. Open your experience
  2. Open the Entry section
  3. Edit your Form
  4. On each question/selection module on your Form, you will need to hover over them and click Edit and make the following change:
    • Under the Values section (On the left), click Edit Choice.


    • Make sure that the Data value correlates with the Label.


  5. Once an answer value has been updated with the correct Data value, click Done at the bottom.