Experiences Support

Understanding: Native publishing to Campaign Manager (DoubleClick) and Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishers)

Audience: All Customers
Timing: Available Now - October 2018

Natively publish Cheetah Experiences into Campaign Manager (previously known as DoubleClick) or Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishers) and collect first-party data, preference insights and marketing opt-ins directly in an ad unit. Turn advertising into experiences that provide value to your customers.

About the release

Your customers love tailored messages, and you need the insights to be able to provide those personalized experiences to them anywhere they come in contact with your brand. With this release, we’ve made it even easier to preview and publish your brand experiences into Campaign Manager and Ad Manager.

We have optimized publishing workflows, introduced ad-unit specific previews and customizable tracking parameters, to allow you to display a wide range of experiences directly in an ad unit and to collect data, insights, and preferences, without having to lose 99% of the traffic clicking out to the website.

This integration will enable you and your team to leverage the power and precision of Google’s ad exchanges to deliver Cheetah Experience to the right target audience no matter what your objectives are: collecting data in a form of relevant and qualified leads, letting users sign up for an event, asking your fans about their preferences or simply educating them about your services.


Ad unit-specific workflow

We have optimized the experience creation workflow to make it even easier to create experiences for a variety of ad units. When you launch experience creation wizard, right after you name your experience you will be asked to select the type of experience you want to create:


This will optimize your workspace preview for the selected experience type. 

Ad unit-specific preview

In the preview section, you can now also choose number of different standard ad unit sizes and formats to preview your ad unit experience before you publish it.


Ad unit-specific embed code

We have further enhanced the embed code that was previously used for publishing experience to ad units. To provide correct tracking and source attribution, we have introduced number of additional parameters in our embed code. You can now select one of the following embed options:

  • No Macros
    • This will remove all macros from embed
  • Custom Macros that can be defined:
    • data-click-tracker
    • data-landing-page-escapes
  • Google Ad embed will have the following values defined by default:
    • data-click-tracker="${CLICK_TRACKER_REDIRECT}"
    • data-landing-page-escapes="${CLICK_TRACKER_NUM_ESCAPE}"


Ready to use it?

This functionality is now available to all Cheetah Experiences customers. Please contact your CSM on support@wayin.com in case you have any questions.

Pro tip: This article will teach you how to add Experience embed codes to DoubleClick.