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How to: Save as a Template & Create an Experience from a Template


Templates are exact copies of experiences that they have originated from, they will use the same styling, theme, form, content, and layout, but here are some key differentiation points:

  • Templates cannot be published, they only work as a starting point for a new experience.
  • Templates can only be edited or deleted by Admin users. 
  • Templates can be used by Publishers and Creators as a starting point to create experiences though.
  • Templates can be found under the "Templates" filter in Experiences List or under "Account Templates" in the Experience Library. 

Save As Template (Admin)

If you are an Account Admin, you will see a new functionality in your account that will enable you to Save an Experience as a Template. To do so, simply: 

  • Go to the Experiences List Screen 
  • Select your favorite experience
  • Navigate to the More actions menu and select "Save as Template" 
  • This will open up a dialog window where you can fill out essential details such as: 
    • Name (use a descriptive name that will help your teammates understand what the template is for) 
    • Description (short overview why and when to use it) 
    • Thumbnail image (it will work as a visual cue to help your teammates select the relevant template)
  • Once done with this step, click on "Save" 
  • This will create a Template that only Admin users can edit.


Editing or Deleting a Template (Admin)

Only Admin users are allowed to edit or delete existing templates and the relevant information (name, description, and thumbnail). If you wish to edit a template: 

  • Go to the Experiences List Screen.
  • Filter the screen by the "Templates".
  • Find your template and click on the Edit icon.
  • You can now make any changes you want, but please note that this will affect future experiences created from this template. 
  • To edit the name, description, or thumbnail for your experience, navigate to the "Settings" section in the left-hand side navigation menu.

If you wish to delete a template: 

Creating an Experience from a Template (Admin, Publisher, Creator)

To create a new experience from a template, you can: 

  • Click on + Create in the Experiences screen.
  • Or click on + Create a new experience from the top right-hand corner navigation menu. 
  • Or go directly into the Experience Library and find your experience under Account Templates. 
  • Selecting one of the templates will launch the Experience creation wizard. You can then further edit your experience to your liking. 


If you have any questions about using the Save as Template functionality, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our Support team.