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How to: Create/Connect an IG profile to a Fanpage for use in Feeds and Channels

Facebook have announced major security changes that will change the way users authenticate Instagram feeds. This article will explain the entire process. The main overview article can be found here.

Key Points:

  1. Experiences users that need to setup feeds/channels will need a Facebook user account.
  2. Each user will need to be an Admin on a Facebook page.
  3. The chosen page will then need to have a connected Instagram Business Profile.

1. Ensure your users all have Facebook accounts

It's now a requirement that all the users that will be authenticating feeds or connecting social channels must first have a Facebook account, in order to do that, they can sign-up on the main Facebook homepage.

2. Choose an existing Facebook Page (or create a new one)

The next point involves choosing a brand page (or creating a new one) and ensuring that all of your users (that will need to authenticate with Instagram) have an Admin role there. Please follow the steps provided by Facebook in the following guides below.

Using an existing Facebook Page

If you already have a Page setup with Facebook that has users already added as Admins you can move on to the next point 3 if you need to create or upgrade an existing Instagram account or move to point 4 if you have one already available to use.

Creating a Facebook Page

The user that creates the Page will be made an Admin by default, an Admin level user be required later to connect your Page to a suitable Instagram Business Account.

Adding users to your Facebook Page

3. Creating a new Instagram Profile and converting to a Business profile

If you already have an Instagram Business Account, move on to point 4, if you need to setup anew Instagram profile or convert an existing one please follow the steps provided by Instagram in the following guides below.

Creating a new Instagram account

Converting an Instagram Personal Account to Business

4. Connect your Facebook Page to an Instagram Business Account

There are two ways to do this, from Facebook or from the Instagram app.

Connecting from Instagram (mobile app):

Connecting from Facebook

Your Instagram Business Account should now be linked to your Facebook Page. You can now authenticate Instagram feeds or a channel within the Experiences platform.


Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}

I don't have access to the social accounts for my business or brand, what can I do?

You can setup your own Facebook Page and connect your own IG business profile to use in authenticating feeds, however there are some caveats, you will not be able to:

  • ... connect the brand Facebook or Instagram accounts as channels
    • This also means you cannot setup hashtag competitions using the brand account.
  • ... setup feeds that require the brand account directly to collect content.


If you have followed all the above steps and are finding that your newly connected Instagram Business Account is not listed for use in a Feed you can try the following steps here to ensure the correct permissions have been granted to Experiences to allow authorization.