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How to: Manage users in single sign-on (SSO) accounts

This article details:

  • Logging into the platform
  • How to add a new user
  • How to edit user information & delete users
  • Updating a password

What do to

Logging in to the platform...

The login process for SSO enabled accounts is a little different to the process regular users would experience. It requires you to login via a designated SSO login URL, which will be in the format of the following:


As a user in an SSO enabled account, you will not be able to login via the usual platform URL. You will find your dedicated login URL in the invitation email we sent when your user was first created. If you have misplaced this, you can go to the normal login screen and select the "Forgot password" option. Enter your email address and we will email you instructions.

Adding a new user...

To add a new user, you must first be an Admin in your account (see the table below for User Roles & Access Levels)

  1. Click on the c settings icon in the top right menu
  2. From the drop-down select Account Users
  3. Use the + Add User option on the left-hand menu under Actions
  4. Once you have selected + Add User  you will be presented with a create user screen. It is here that you should add the user's information, including their corporate email address, role and any additional roles required. 
  5. Upon selecting Update the User will be created.
  6. Once the User has been created they will receive an activation email with details of where to login to use the platform.

To edit a user...

As an Admin user, you will be able to edit and delete users from the Account Users section.

Note that a user's email address in an SSO enabled account cannot be updated within the platform.

  1. Select the User
  2. Then select c to Edit User
  3. From here you can change the Name, Role, Timezone, Locale and Profile icon.
  4. Once you have made the required change, click Save at the top.

To delete a user...

  1. Select the User
  2. Click X Delete at the top of the panel.

Updating a password...

If you need to reset your password, you will need to use your normal corporate procedure to update your corporate login details. Once updated, you will be able to use your new credentials to login to the Experiences platform by visiting your dedicated login URL.