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Introducing: Branching Logic for NextGen Experiences

A branching logic allows your customers to branch out to a certain flow in a NextGen Experience based on their answers. This powerful addition to our data collection capabilities in NextGen Experiences will allow you to decide which fields will be shown or hidden to users based on user's responses, creating a truly customized and personalized experience.

Background & Overview

What is branching logic?

Branching logic is used to show or hide follow up questions based on the user's response to the current question. You can use this feature to control the flow of questions in your Experience and make the overall data capture feel like a conversation. Branching questions can be used as "screening" questions to qualify users, to create “intelligent” surveys, they can be used to design a simple logic to branch out from a linear flow of questions or you can achieve a more complex flow and join the dots again. 

What can branching logic be used for?

It will help you to collect only relevant and very granular data that can be then used for future personalization efforts and being able to offer a very targeted value exchange. When the type of questions you ask is more relevant to your audience, you’ll achieve higher engagement and conversion rates and better results overall. 

The Product

In this first iteration of branching logic, you will be able to show or hide questions in your flow based on the responses provided in select fields such as radio choice, dropdown or checkbox. 

The logic is available to all form fields in NextGen Experiences.

How to set up branching logic

First, sketch out the logic on a paper

Before you start setting up your Experience, it is good to sketch out the logic on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. That way, you can quickly and easily visualise all the possible flows and paths the users will be able to take, based on the conditional logic you'll set up. 

Your flow may have just one question that is shown or hidden based on specific answers:


Or maybe you will be using multiple branching questions, or branching in and out of a flow based on specific answers:


Either way, visualising the entire flow will help you ensure that you are setting up a flow that works for your objectives. 

Next, let's set up the experience

  1. Navigate to NextGen Experiences in the Experience Library 
  2. Select any of the available NextGen Experiences app with data capture and click to create the experience (more information on how to create a NextGen Experience can be found in this article)
  3. First, add all the questions, answer options and form fields to your experience in a natural order. 
  4. Next, go to edit the question that will be shown or hidden only based on a specific condition and navigate to a newly added tab called Logic. 
  5. Under Logic, you can enable a setting to Show field based on conditional logic. 
    • From the dropdown menu, you can select any radio choice, dropdown or checkbox question in the experience and the logic will key off of the values selected. 
    • Once set up, the question you're currently editing, will be shown if the selected conditions are met, otherwise, it will be hidden. 


Note: When a question has a logic assigned, a small icon will appear in the schematic preview. If questions or answer options linked to a conditional logic are repositioned or deleted, a warning will be shown ensuring that you wish to proceed.

If you have any question about the functionality, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or the Cheetah Digital support team.